What to Do If an Airline Loses Your Luggage? When we go on a trip, we do it during a well-deserved vacation or when we have to work in another part of the country or the world. Still, despite this, we always hope everything goes well, and nothing can ruin our travel experience.


Unfortunately, this is one of the situations that can ruin that experience for us.


When the airline loses our luggage.

We usually think it has never happened to “me.” “I rarely travel, so I will not go through this situation,” but believe me, it is a situation that has exciting measurement rates.


Only 2.4 out of every 100 travelers usually lose their luggage due to the airline. Although it is not such a high figure, it is pretty worrying considering the number of people who move in airports.


Therefore, many measures must be taken either as a precaution or carelessness. Now, the cases of loss or misplacement of luggage are very different. 

Sometimes, they even present significant damage on arrival or at the destination. Nevertheless, these are some recommendations so that this situation does not make your trip bitter.


If the luggage arrives damaged.

You must report it. Inform your airline’s baggage service agent of the damage before leaving the airport.


Airlines must accept all reports of damage, according to the Department of Transportation. Your luggage’s wheels, straps, zippers, handles, and other exterior parts.


The agent will guide you through the claim process and assess the damage.


If your bag qualifies for repair, the airline can send it to a pre-approved vendor for repair. When filing your report, ask the agent how the airline’s repair or refund process works. For example, if you use a third-party repair service, you must provide receipts to receive compensation. 


In case of lost luggage.

No need to panic. According to the Department of Transportation, most bags find their owners within hours. Follow these steps if your luggage doesn’t show up on the carousel when you arrive.


Before leaving the airport, report your lost luggage to your airline’s baggage services staff. If you took a flight with connections and multiple airlines, file a claim with the airline that brought you to your final destination. Regardless of when you think your luggage was lost. You should insist on creating a report no matter the details, no matter what the airline tells you.


These are some small but essential tips so that your traveling experience is not too stormy and that this is not the reason to stop enjoying your trip.


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