What should you do when the pages of your passport run out?

This question generates uncertainty for many frequent travelers and, above all, that it will not happen to them in the middle of a trip. However, it obviously becomes more of a planning and precautionary issue.

Usually, passports have an expiration date that exceeds 15 or twenty years (depending on the foreign ministry of the country that issues it). Therefore, if the traveler has not used it at this time, they have to request the renewal of this document.

In the same way, if you have already used it and you have pages left over by the time the expiration date arrives, this document becomes obsolete. It loses any validity if it is not renewed.

What about the current visas?

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These are still in force. Under no circumstances do the foreign ministries keep the old document. It always returns to its bearer, and if you have visas within this expired passport, you must always carry both expired documents with the visas and the new passport with the fresh leaves.

Watch out! Under no circumstances should you tear out the pages with the visas from the expired passport. They lose their validity before any immigration institution.

What should be done when the pages of the passport run out?

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Well, the easiest part is to approach your country’s consulate and request the renewal of this document.

On the other hand, when this happens to you on a trip, you should go to the embassy of the corresponding country. 

They will be issued an emergency passport. At the same time, you arrive at your original destination.

In some parts, this process does not take more than a day, although it also depends on the schedules handled in the different countries.

That is why it is always better to first investigate the opening hours of the different embassies and their locations on the internet. You can also get advice from the people at the hotel where you are staying.

What should be done in case of loss of passport?

First, you must get a document that specifies under what circumstances the passport was lost. Either a complaint or an affidavit. That depends on each chancellery.

Then you must go to the corresponding consulate and request the issuance of a new passport.

Avoid setbacks and take good care of your passport.

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