What are the most expensive NFTs? First, let’s define what an NFTS would be and why they are being discussed so much now.

An NFT is a non-fungible Token; non-fungible means that NFT cannot exchange it for another because it is unique and can be purchased digitally; this can be a work of art, a photograph.

In addition, it is essential to consider the technology blockchain allows money or code to be exchanged and will enable it to be secure. In short, NFT are unique Items.

Now with this, which are the most expensive NFTs in the world:


  1. Every day, the first five thousand days

Sold: $69,000,000 USD


Every day for the first five thousand days, his artist Beeple is awarded the popularity of the NFTS; also this is a massive compilation of styles and contents. More than 5000 images have been created since May 2005.


2.Tie: cryptopunk #3100

Author: cryptopunk

Sold: $7,580,000 USD

He is another of the members of crypto punk; he is another of the nine alien punks; he has greenish skin and is characterized by having a headband. For instance, he started his journey on September 11, 2017.


3.Tie: cryptopunk #78904


Sold: $7,570,000 USD

He is one of the rarest; so he is one of the nine; the rarest include aliens, apes, and zombies. The alien is characterized by having a smoking pipe and clouds.


  1. Tie: Crossroads

Sold: $6,600,000 USD

Author: Beeple

It represents a giant baby similar to Trump and a bluebird that represents Twitter. It’s a video, and it was recently sold.

The growth of this new technology is incredible.


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