What are the most expensive coins in the world? Do you know the actual value of your currency? This is a question that many believe they know the answer to, but in truth, few do. 


Here we tell you about some of the most expensive coins in the world, taking the US dollar as a reference to compare prices, obviously taking into account that this coin is one of the most costly on the market. 


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Fijian dollar 

The national currency of Fiji is known as the Fijian dollar, or FJD for short. Fiji’s economy is one of the richest in the Pacific Islands, with tourism, exports, and imports playing an important role.

In particular, Fiji is a major supplier of agricultural products. 

A single US dollar buys about 2.03 Fijian dollars. So although the FJD is not the most valuable currency in the world, it is still a strong currency. 


Australian dollar 

The Australian dollar (AUD) is the national currency of Australia; it is also used by its foreign territories and some Pacific Island States. Although it is not the most expensive coin in the world, it is precious and one of the most stable coins. 

1 US dollar will get you around 1.45 Australian dollars, making it one of the most expensive coins.

It is the fifth most traded currency in the foreign exchange market, accounting for around 6.8% of daily transactions.

The Australian dollar is so popular because of its stability, high-interest rates, and the view that it has diversification benefits. 


Swiss franc 

The Swiss franc or CHF is the national currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 


1 US dollar will buy about 0.98 Swiss francs, so the Swiss franc is the first currency higher in value than the US dollar. This, however, is not surprising given that Switzerland is one of the world’s most stable and wealthiest countries. 


The Swiss franc is also the seventh-most traded currency in the world, gaining its popularity as a safe bet when changing or holding this currency due to its tight monetary policies and low debt levels. 




One of the newer currencies, the Euro or EUR, is the official currency of 19 countries, making it the most widely used “official currency” in the world. Countries where it is used as the official currency, include Germany, France, and Spain, and it is often referred to as the world’s second reserve currency. It is also the second most traded currency in the foreign exchange market, only preceded by the US dollar. In fact, the EUR/USD or “Fibra” is the most traded currency pair in the world. 


In exchange for 1 US dollar, you will receive around 0.90 euros or 90 cents. Certainly this makes it the most substantial coin on the list and the world’s eighth-most expensive. 


Pound sterling

The Great Britain Pound, the British Pound or the GBP, is the fifth most valuable currency in the world. Although the GBP is not the strongest currency in the world, it holds the title of the oldest money still in circulation. 


The British pound is often considered the strongest currency in the world and is the most widely used currency. It is also the fourth most traded currency globally, accounting for around 12.8% of daily transactions in the forex market. 


Kuwaiti dinar 

The Kuwaiti Dinar or KWD was introduced in 1960 and was initially equal to one pound sterling, but now it’s the most expensive currency in the world. Also Kuwait is a small country sandwiched between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, whose wealth has been primarily boosted by its sizeable global oil exports. 


You will receive only 0.30 Kuwaiti dinars after exchanging 1 US dollar, making the Kuwaiti dinar the world’s most valued currency unit at face value, or simply “the world’s strongest currency.” 

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