Visiting Switzerland is the perfect spot for those nature and mountainous landscape lovers.

Visiting Switzerland may go unnoticed on your ”Eurotrip” due it is in the middle of many other countries and does not have a large size. However, it is an excellent place to know for its richness in nature and mountainous landscapes. Hence, it is highly recommended to go skiing in winter or climbing and hiking in summer.

Keep in mind if you are interested in going through these beautiful cities, you must exchange your local currencies for Swiss francs before getting there; it can help you save money, time, and effort.

1. Zurich

The city is more populated and the biggest in the country (but it’s not the capital). It can offer us a mix of great views of natural landscapes like the Swiss Alps and the Limmat river or find between their streets international branch offices and luxury brands where to spend the day shopping.

Although Zurich has a lot of things to do, one of the most interesting is visiting the famous Lindt chocolate museum. It will cost you 15 CHF per person. Besides, you can go to The Rin waterfalls (5 CHF), which is only 35 min by car from Zürich or 1 hour by public transport. In addition, getting to know all the churches, abbeys and museums between the city streets is a fantastic experience.

2. Lugano

It is located in the southeast of Switzerland, near Italy. In fact, that is the reason it is full of Mediterranean traditions and cultural costumes.

The Lugano Art and Culture, the Ciani Park, climb the Bré mountain to see an excellent panorama view are just some of the things you can discover while visiting this enchanting place.

Every traveler should know an essential fact if they want to visit Lugano: lodging prices are usually much higher than in neighboring areas. We recommend comparing before with nearby places and considering in which currency it is better to pay.

3. Berna

Not known to a lot of people, but the capital of Switzerland. Where the most exact clocks in the world are made.

Also, people usually take the opportunity to relax and treat themselves in a spa, sometimes with views of the picturesque medieval buildings that characterize the city.

Suppose you are a lover of flowers, more specifically roses, in Berna. In that case, you will fall in love with the Rose garden, where there are more than 200 varieties of this flower, and where you can find one of the most recommended places to eat, the Rosengarten restaurant. 

4. Lucerna

Consider one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, it is located near the four cantons lake, called in this way for the cantons (regions of Switzerland) that surround the lake, there are boat tours to visit it for around 20 Swiss francs.

Other places that characterize this city are covered wooden bridges and the church, both of the medieval era.

5. Geneva

One of the country’s most important cities, Geneva catches the eye of the tourists looking for an international, cosmopolitan environment.

Since then, I have walked through the old town to take a selfie in the Jet d’Eau (a 140 meters fountain inside Geneva’s lake) or even go to Bain des Pâquis, a public spa with a sauna, Turkish bath, hammam, and massage service.

Geneva is a lively city that offers all kinds of places to know. 

If you are lucky to spend the weekend there, you cannot miss the Plaine Plainpalais market, where you can find everything from vintage clothes and ethnic jewelry to pieces of furniture. In this case, it is probably that most of the sellers don’t accept payment with cards. So better have some of your cash exchanged for the local currency for don’t miss a possible good shop!

An essential thing you can do here (or in Switzerland in general) is to try their best dishes.

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