Airlines were among the first to start collecting foreign currency and as a result bring in more foreign currency for charity donations than any other single source in the world. At Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange, we love helping airlines with their on-board charity collections.

Airlines move billions of passengers around the world on a yearly basis. These passengers are a captive audience for each airline to request donations. Everyone that travels usually returns with a few coins or small denomination banknotes. That alone does not equal much money but when these are donated along with other passengers’ banknotes and coins, collectively, it can add up.


Our unique service can help airlines maximize every coin and banknote that is donated, no matter where it originated. We pay rates for every banknote and coin, including the ones that no other exchange service will buy, as well as, outmoded and obsolete coins and banknotes. With our service we can help you bring in even more donations with our gift card rates as well. Many people have unused gift cards or gift cards with small balances in their purses and wallets that they will never use. Our service allows you to capitalize on this by being able to request and accept gift cards for donation in addition to their foreign banknotes and coins. This is something that NO other exchange service provides.

If your airline is currently doing on-board foreign currency charity collections please give us a chance to show you why moving your business with us will bring in more money for the charities you sponsor than who you currently work with.

If your airline does not currently have an on-board charity collection program we can help you from start to finish. We will help you strategize and then implement your plan. If needed, we can even help source and supply everything your airline will need to get the program up and running. We will walk you through every step of the process until you are comfortable and have it running smoothly. We can even help set you up with various charitable organizations if you do not currently sponsor any charities. Even if your airline does not fly internationally, our program can work for your airline.

We pay super fast! You will not be waiting for the funds while we repatriate or sell the currencies. Your airline will receive the funds for the charities you support as soon as we process them. From the time we receive the packages of banknotes, coins, and gift cards, to the time you receive the funds is about a week.

It does not matter what part of the world your airline operates or is based. We can work with you and will help you figure out a solution.

We look forward to hearing from your airline on how we can help you.