If you own or work with a vending company, unsorted coins are a headache we can help you avoid. Our system enables us to deliver fast and flawless results. This is how we can transform the batch of foreign coins you collect from all your vending machines into your fully usable local currency.

The problem

There are plenty of them! First of all, this industry handles coinage primarily, which involves a lot of work. People who own a vending company or work for one has to deal with tons of small coins. Making sure every single one is assorted according to its value demands time, fast hands, and a keen eye. 

Having to differentiate local coins from foreign ones adds an extra layer of difficulty you and your employees could avoid to boost productivity. But this is an inevitable issue: every day, each of your vending machines receives foreign coins that weight the same as the domestic ones and has the same size and shape.  

Consumers get small coins mixed easily, which means that vending companies will continue having a batch of coins with different currencies they can’t just deposit in the bank. Moreover, a lot of this money can be obsolete. 

How can you dodge losing a percentage of your income every month? Outsourcing Foreign Currency &  Exchange to solve the problem of unsorted coins in vending companies.

Our solution

We have designed a solution tailored to your needs. We streamline your workflow by taking off your hands a task that consumes time and other valuable resources. Foreign Currency & Money Exchange can process large batches of coins, all you have to do is send them to us, unclassified as they are, and we will sort them, accurately categorize them, and pay you for them.

We keep you updated throughout the entire process, providing you with every single piece of information you need. Your vending company can check our rates since they are published on our website. We offer fair rates, the most competitive ones of the market, and we strive for stability so our clients don’t need to deal with uncertainty. 

After sorting your coins, we give you a detailed report so you can know the number of domestic coins you had and the foreign currency we found, their denomination, and, of course, its total value. We have a team of experts backing up our activities, warranting a fast service, and a zero margin of error.

We offer you more than 135 currencies, so we can exchange any coin you have into your preferred currency. We also buy outdated coinage, nothing goes to waste! Obsolete coins would usually be discarded by most foreign exchange companies, but we maximize your earnings.  

If you are currently struggling with a weekly or monthly batch of unsorted coins, or your vending company has stored a large quantity of them over its years of activity and don’t know what to do with them, let Foreign Currency & Coin Exchange help you recover that part of your income.