People tend to be very careless with their coins, carrying them loose in their pockets, mixing the foreign ones with the domestic ones. Although this is not a problem for most people, it is when you work in a business related to transportation, parking, casinos, among others. How do you turn these foreign coins into usable funds? Foreign Currency & Money Exchange assists you with that.

Our process

We make it simple. Our process consists of only a few steps:

1. Gather all the unsorted coins

Collect each of the foreign coins that don’t belong to your local coinage, you don’t need to classify them at all, just put them all together and let us take charge of every cumbersome detail.

2. Send them to us

Once they arrive, we will meticulously organize them according to the country that issued it and by denomination.  

3. We pay you

You can explore all the currencies Foreign Currency & Money Exchange manages before sending your coins to us in case you want to check how competitive our prices are. We offer a fair rate for every currency, keeping a stable value to benefit you.

Once we have classified each of the coins you have sent us, we pay you the rates that are posted on our website within a week or less. What do we do with obsolete coins? Nothing goes to waste, we pay for those too. For each pound, you will receive $2.25. 

What problems do we solve?

There are four main reasons why choosing our services can benefit your business:

It’s cost-effective

While changing the mechanism you use to collect buses, subways, tolls, trains, ferries, trollies and/or bridges fare could avoid people paying with foreign coins, on purpose or by mistake, the implementation of this technology is expensive and might only be attainable in the long-term. Parking meters and private garages might not be able to take advantage of new methods to collect money in the short-term either.

On the other hand, even if you optimize the way you collect money, what to do with all those foreign coins you already have? We offer you a cost-effective solution, that delivers results in the short-term and it’s available at all times.

Zero effort

We know businesses in the transportation field have enough responsibilities to take care of, we want to offer your company a simple solution and minimize the time you would need to invest to exchange your foreign coins. 

Shipping by freight

If you have a large number of coins to exchange and you are struggling to figure out how to send them to us, we can simplify that process as well by helping you set up the shipping by freight


We have plenty of experience providing this service to different organizations related to transportation and parking in several parts of the United States and some in Canada. Our experience has enabled us to polish our workflow.

If you have unsorted coins you want to exchange, just contact Foreign Currency & Money Exchange, we will transform those coins into your local currency to make them valuable to your business.