Unsorted coins can become an issue for central banks and monetary authorities due to the extra time it takes to sort them and count them. If you belong to any of these entities and you are trying to figure out a way to manage your unsorted coins while saving time, one of your most valuable resources, then Foreign Currency & Coin Exchange has the solution for you.

How can we benefit you?

We have experience cutting out unnecessary processes. Plenty of businesses, such as the ones related to transit and parking, have required our services before to streamline their workflows. 

Dedicating time to sorting coins and find their value to determine how much money you have in your local currency may not be associated with your core business. This is how we can make things easier for Central Banks and monetary authorities with large batches of mixed coins and notes:

Stop wasting time

Central banks play a huge role in the economy of a country since they develop and implement measures to keep inflation under control and maintain the stability of the local currency. Organizing their unsorted coins is one task they could outsource to be able to invest more time in what is truly important.

Monetary authorities serve a great purpose in each nation, delegating responsibilities, assigning resources to diverse institutions, making decisions, among others. Is identifying foreign notes and coins an important duty or can it be outsourced?

Organizing and counting mixed coins can be challenging, especially when you have more relevant projects to carry out and a limited amount of time. We take off your hands that task, enabling you to focus on your objectives.

Classify any foreign coin and note

We manage more than 135 currencies, from coins to banknotes, in every issued denomination. If you need to exchange your unsorted coins, be sure we will be glad to trade them. 

Even outdated coins and notes are relevant to us! Obsolete money may not be useful for you anymore, but it can be given a second life as a collector’s item. 

Gain more

When you don’t have optimized systems to sort coins, you can end up classifying them mistakenly. On the other hand, are you sure you are obtaining a fair rate for every type of currency? 

We have a team of people trained and equipped to organize coins and notes without errors. Our process if flawless, allowing us to receive large batches of mixed coins from multiple organizations at the same time and making the payment in around 5 working days. In case we require more time to sort your coins, we will communicate with you.

We offer stable and competitive rates. We know that, when exchanging large quantities of coins, every decimal counts. We make sure to offer you a fair value for each currency.

If you work with a central bank or monetary authority, contact Foreign Currency & Coin Exchange so we can take care of your unsorted coins.