Casinos are a popular spot and people from all around the globe visit them. One common problem these businesses deal with is the large number of unsorted coins they have to process almost daily. Whether you work or own a casino, no matter if it is a small, medium or large-sized company, Foreign Currency & Coin Exchange has the perfect solution to remove the tedious task of sorting and counting foreign money.

How do we do it?

We have investigated the particularities of your business category to have a deeper understanding of the issues you face during your activity and offer a solution tailored to your needs. We know people arrive at your establishment to have fun and they usually have some extra foreign cash they want to get rid of, so they decide to exchange them at your cashier’s cage.

On the other hand, some casinos might deal with more coins that others. Although most slot machines use the TITO system now, if your casino still has the original ones that take coins, like El Cortez Hotel and Casino, we can save you from having to sort them.


Casinos have a fast-paced environment, people enter and exit, money comes and goes, time becomes a limited and very valuable resource. How much time does it take to sort coins and banknotes when you have domestic money mixed with the foreign one? Instead of investing such a resource in sorting mixed money, let Foreign Currency &  Exchange take care of it.

Flawless process

Our process has a simple approach that prioritizes fast results, fair rates, and zero errors. We handle more than 130 currencies, so no matter what coins or banknotes you have, we can convert your money. Our rates are posted on our online website, we offer a fair and stable exchange rate.

You can just contact us to start the order, without even sorting your coins. We take care of everything for you. If you have a large batch and need help to set the shipment, we can also assist you with that and, in a week or less, send you your money’s worth. 

What happens if we find outdated coins or banknotes? Don’t worry, nothing goes to waste! We also buy obsolete money, maximizing your income.


We have been around the block more than a few times and we have developed a flawless process to be able to accept large batches of coins and banknotes. Years of experience have taught us how to improve our workflow and polish our systems. 

Besides casinos, we also assist transit and parking companies, central banks and monetary authorities, airlines, and vending companies. Each of our clients has specific reasons to search for our services, what is yours? Do you want to outsource a task that takes too much time? Do you want to maximize your income? Do you want to assign more important tasks to your employees? Whatever the problem you have is, we can support your business.