In these uncertain times, we should give a hand to those who have been stricken by the Coronavirus crisis and are in need of financial aid. If you are an airline with an on-board charity program that it’s not sustainable due to the current situation, we can provide you with assistance.

Your charity program, our mission  

You may be wondering how Foreign Currency & Coin Exchange can help your business run a successful on-board charity program. Our approach is simple and effective and doesn’t require your brand to make a substantial investment. 

We know your daily passengers carry with them coins and banknotes of the countries they return from. These currencies are rather useless for them, and they would be more than happy to get rid of them for a good cause. But what happens after they donate them? Here is how we can help:

1. Raise money

If you haven’t implemented this amazing initiative yet, start as soon as you can. While your passengers circulate through the airport, ask them to donate for charity any coin they won’t use anymore when they return home. 

Maybe you have already done on-board foreign currency charity collections but are struggling with exchanging them since many businesses are not working at the current moment or are offering lower rates than before due to the financial effects of the pandemic. 

We can support you to create a strategy and implement it in case your airline is lacking an on-board charity program, and we can also transform anything you raise into any currency you want without devaluing it.

2. Use Foreign Currency & Coin Exchange to get the best rates

Every currency has a different exchange rate and some are more unstable than others, varying according to diverse factors. We will transform every type of currency you receive into a manageable one. Once there is uniformity, you will be able to donate it.

We have the most competitive rates of the market and manage a wide range of currencies. No matter what coins or banknotes you receive, we can maximize their value. Even if they are outdated, you can sell it to us. While other similar services don’t accept obsolete money, we do and we pay a fair price for them. Everything counts! 

3. Raise unused gift cards or gift cards with available balances

As we said, for Foreign Currency & Coin Exchange every effort counts. We optimize your on-board charity program by enabling you to accept more than just cash. This is a unique characteristic of our service since none of our competitors are able to integrate gift cards into a donation program plan.

We think out of the box to expand the opportunities airlines have to run an effective on-board charity program. Every effort counts, and we meant it, that’s why we do our best to give you the most competitive rates in the market for every single currency from the more than 100 that we manage. We offer a fast, secure and convenient service for your airline. Get in touch with us now!