Managing money in the world always attracts attention because many banknotes have a design process.

That has required a little more research and history depending on the country where it is issued. Nevertheless, it makes it highly desired by collectors who ultimately prefer to keep the bill, no matter the denomination or its value, simply with its design is enough to keep it.

These are some of the most striking banknotes due to their design:

20-pound banknote from Northern Ireland.

To illustrate, Ulter Bank’s issued model is made of polymer and features a vertical design. Sargasso sea eels, the silhouette of Loch Neagh, a butterfly, the Hawthorne flower, and the RBS Group logo in magenta can be on the front. In the same way, in the back, you can see street musicians and people clapping.

Fijian 50-dollar bill.

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The South Pacific country put this bill into circulation to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its independence.

It is also made of polymer and has a design that predominates the color blue. On the front, it has the country’s coat of arms, the image of the Government House guards raising the flag, and on the back, you can see six children in native costumes holding flags and the coat of arms. The detail of this model is that it does not have any security measures.

Banknote of 200 Reais from Brazil.

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The Brazilian Mint put into circulation 2020 this new paper bill in shades of grey, brown, blue and yellow.

It was illustrated with the image of the maned wolf, one of the most emblematic animals in the country. 

Ukrainian banknote of 200 hryvnias.

Issued by the National Bank of Ukraine, this pink and blue banknote features the poet and writer Lesya Ukrainka, the coat of arms, the water lily plant, and a garland on its front design. You see the Lubart Tower in Lutsk, trees, and flying birds in the back. It has a security thread with a demetallic movement window.

One hundred pesos bill from Mexico.

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Consequently, at the end of last year, this banknote put this new vertical format and polymer model into circulation where Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz appears on the front.

Also, on the back, you can see the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Its design and high-security standards earned its recognition as the most beautiful banknote of 2020.


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