This San Francisco travel guide will show you why a city can catch you for just a few hours.


San Francisco has it all, and it is not for less. It is a withering sensation. It’s like stepping into an entertaining movie that you can’t stop watching. In fact, before traveling, it gives you the impression that you already know it. It brings back good visual memories: the majestic Golden Gate, the trams, Alcatraz Island, the 8 sinuous curves of Lombard Street, the pier and the sea lions, and without leaving aside the cradle of technology, the great Silicon Valley that makes San Francisco one more motivation for entrepreneurs.


To begin with, it is better that you always carry a jacket. San Francisco is famous for its “microclimates,” and putting a coat in your bag is something you can be grateful for. Also, do not trust the good weather either: there is a big difference in temperature from one area to another.


Then you realize that reality far exceeds fiction. San Francisco is the most magnetic city in California and is on the west coast of the United States. It is a city of streets, neighborhoods, and creative corners.



This iconic architectural marvel, born in 1937, is a must not only on your bucket list when traveling to San Francisco but also on the list of things to do before you die.


It’s a great way to explore the north of the city, where the Marin Headlands promontory offers impeccable views of the Golden Gate Bridge against the backdrop of ever-beautiful San Francisco.


Its Victorian-style houses that, at the time, opened all the episodes of the Full House series in the 80s. It is one of the virtual postcards of the city. They are formed by seven mansions on the corner of Steiner and Grove streets, with a slope proof of muscular legs.


You’ll find this architectural style in many different neighborhoods (what survived the 1906 fire). Still, the Painted ladies of Alamo Square are the most famous. They are tiny wooden houses from the end of the 19th century with a small garden, three-and-a-half meter ceilings, a living room with a glass window, a staircase at the entrance, and three floors.




The Alcatraz prison in the San Francisco Bay is a must-see in the San Francisco travel guide. It gains strength and excitement if done at night. It gets creepier. You just have to enter a cell and imagine the chilling loneliness that must be felt when seeing it. Behind the tiny window, the city shone in the dark and could not get close.


Of course, a tip: you have to book well in advance as tickets sell out quickly. But if an up-close look at the former prison isn’t your thing, Blue & Gold Fleet’s Escape the Rock cruise circles the island and tells tales of Alcatraz’s notorious criminals from afar.


If you like art, write down this suggestion. Leading up to Grandview Park is a mosaic staircase that began as a neighborhood project inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s Stelaron Steps. The goal was to turn the 163 steps into a work of art to make the city proud. Over 2,000 handmade tiles and 75,000 mosaic, mirror, and stained glass fragments make up the finished piece.


Today, crowds of visitors climb and admire this stairway daily and enjoy rewarding panoramic views from the top.


San Francisco is a magnetic city that catches you and leaves you with a perfect experience in California.


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