Welcome to this travel guide to Qatar.

And it is for no one it is a secret that this country is a trend since, at this time, it hosts one of the most important events on the planet, such as the Soccer World Cup.


One of the most loved sports in the world will have its tournament in a Middle Eastern country. Especially one of the richest for its domestic product. The oil carries majesty in different places and with a cultural richness that makes it attractive for the most important World Cup event.

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But what can be done in Qatar while not watching football?


Many activities can be done in this Qatar travel guide. While enjoying the World Cup, and here we show you some.


Souq Waqif:

In addition this place takes you into the past of Qatari people through various forms of display of traditional costumes and architecture. The site blends history with the present with modern cuisine in restored old buildings and paved walkways. One can spend the whole day getting in touch with Qatari heritage while in between breaks enjoying tea, shisha, and local, regional, and international cuisine.


Museum of Islamic Art:

This interesting architectural structure houses a permanent exhibition of objects across the former and current Islamic regions (from Spain to Central Asia). The exhibit is very well done, and those who wish to learn more can take an audio tour. There is also a nice cafeteria, a beautiful view of the city across the sea and the museum shop is a must.


National Museum of Qatar:

The new open museum offers in-depth details of Qatar’s history, from its formation to local wildlife, history, currency, and wealth. It provides a lot of information and is assisted with state-of-the-art technology. So it is worth a visit, even to look at the incredible architecture and have a coffee in the cafe or visit the gift shop.


The Pearl-Qatar:

The Pearl is one of the most luxurious areas of Doha, Qatar. You will be able to find many apartment-type buildings. As well as berths for beautiful yachts, and, incidentally, see first-class car sales stores, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini.

Its name comes from the fact that it is an artificial island. Seen from above, in the shape of a pearl. Pearl diving was, at the time, the largest industry in Qatar. Before the discovery of gas and oil areas, which is why they touched. The Pearl, as such, is a symbol of this thriving nation. They have made this area more luxurious to live in and visit. We understand that it is one of the only areas where they allow a foreigner to acquire property in Qatar. An interesting fact in a country where 80% of the total population is foreign.


Remember that Qatar is also a religious country governed by rules that it would be essential to know before any visit.


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