500 Thailand baht Banknote

500 Thailand baht Banknote


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500 Thailand baht Banknote Design

The 500 Thailand baht note front design features the portrait of King Vajiralongkorn (King of Thailand) in the uniform of the commander of the Royal Thai Air Force, followed by the Emblem of Thailand and the Vajiralongkorn’s monogram.

The reverse of the note illustrates the portraits of his Majesty King Prajadhipok (King Rama VII) in his granting of the first constitution and his Majesty King Ananda Mahidol (King Rama VIII) in his visit to Sampheng with Prince Bhumibol. The design is completed with the Emblem of Thailand and the Thai Royal Family monogram. The lettering of the note is presented in the Thai language. This note is part of the 2018 series, and its color is purple.

Text: 500  หนึ่งร้อยบาท รัฐบาลไทย

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The government issued the first baht notes in 1851, in denominations of 1/8, 14, 38, ½, and 1 tical, followed by 3, 4, 6, and 10 tamlueng in 1853, notes for 20 and 40 ticals in 1857, then 5, 7, 8, 12, and 15 tamlueng, and 1 chang notes in 1868, and the 1 att note in 1874.

Then in 1892, the Treasury introduced notes for 1 to 800 ticals, called “baht” in the Thai text. In 1902, the government announced notes in denominations of 5 to 1000 ticals (called baht in the Thai text).

A new announcement of banknotes gave in 1925; as a result introduced denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 100, and 1,000 baht.

The Bank of Thailand announced a new banknote series in 2010 (16th series), consequently introducing in which the 80 baht banknote to commemorate queen Sirikit’s 80th birthday.

The Bank of Thailand again announced a new series of banknotes in 2017, which are the same size as the 16th series, but the designs on the reverse of the note present images of the king’s life in childhood, adolescence, and maturity. The following year, the Bank of Thailand announced a new banknote family.

Thailand currency symbol

The baht is the official currency of Thailand. The official currency symbol: ฿. The Thai baht began as a conventional unit of mass, consisting of solid silver pieces cast in various weights to correspond to a traditional system of units linked by simple fractions and multiples, one of which was the baht.

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