Scotland 1 Pound (1967 British Linen)

Scotland 1 Pound (1967 British Linen)


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Scotland 1 Pound (1967 British Linen)

The pound sterling (Scotland 1 Pound (1967 British Linen)) is the official currency of the United Kingdom, Jersey, England, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the British Antarctic Territory, and Tristan da Cunha.

The pound was a unit of account in Anglo-Saxon England, and its origins date back to the reign of King Offa of Mercia (757–796).

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The 1 Scottish pound note front design features Coat of arms and bank seal.

On the back, find the bank seal.

This note is part of the British Linen Bank was formed in 1810. In response to public dissatisfaction with the three charter banks.

The banknote, its color is Grey and red.

Text: EDINBURGH,The British Linen Bank PROMISE TO PAY ON DEMAND TO THE BEARER One Pound STERLING,By order of the Court of Directors ourt of Directors General Manager

The reason why of the Scotland Pound

Three Scottish retail banks issue the Scottish pound notes: Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Clydesdale Bank. The Bank of England oversees the monetary policy of the pound sterling and regulates the amount of money in circulation. Official currency symbol: £/p (pre-decimal).

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outmoded British Linen Company banknotes



Tender Types





Blue, Red


Coat of arms

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