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The kwacha is the official currency of Malawi since 1971 when it replaced the Malawian pound. The name kwacha is derived from the Chichewa word meaning “it has dawned”, and the Reserve Bank of Malawi is the official issuing entity. In 1971, the first notes were issued in denominations of 50 tambala, 1, 2 and 10 kwacha, followed by 5 kwacha in 1973, 20 kwacha in 1983, 50 and 100 kwacha in 1993, 200 kwacha in 1995, 500 kwacha in 2001, 1000 kwacha in 2012 and 2000 kwacha in 2016.

The 100 Malawian kwacha note front design features James Frederick Sangala (1900 – 1974), who was the founder of the African Nyasaland Congress (ANC) and a member of the nationalist movement as it stood in the 1950s. The main design is presented against a background with the headquarters of the Reserve Bank of Malawi in Lilongwe (capital city) under a great bright sun. A sketch of the Malawi map, a sketch of a cichlid fish with the denomination inside (two more without the denomination), and illustrative figures of three fishermen fishing in a lake complete the design of this side of the note. The reverse of the note illustrates a scene representing Social Development (sub-themes of education and health), the College of Medicine in Blantyre, a stethoscope, and the Reserve Bank of Malawi symbol. This note is part of the 2012 – 2020 series, and its color is red, brown and orange on a multicolor underprint.

Text: Reserve Bank of Malawi, Promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of K100 Issued Under The Reserve Bank of Malawi Act, Governor, 1st January 2017, One Hundred Kwacha, 100 Kwacha, James Frederick Sangala, College of Medicine, Blantyre.

Additional information


current Malawian kwacha banknotes

Product Currencies

Malawian kwacha

Tender Types




Country banknote denominations

20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000


Brown, Orange, Red

Composition material



128 × 64 mm


Reserve Bank of Malawi


James Frederick Sangala




African fish eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer), Cichlid fish (Cichlid), Leopard (Panthera pardus), Lion (Panthera leo)




2012, 2020


Bank, Building, Helmet, Landscape, Map, Portrait, shield, Stethoscope, Sun, Tree, Water

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