Ireland 5 Pounds (1992-2001 Central Bank of Ireland)

Ireland 5 Pounds (1992-2001 Central Bank of Ireland)


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Ireland 5 Pounds (1992-2001 Central Bank of Ireland)

The Ireland 5 Pounds (1992-2001 Central Bank of Ireland) was the currency of the Republic of Ireland until 2002. Its ISO 4217 code was IEP. The Irish pound was superseded by the euro on 1 January 1999. When the Irish pound legally became a subdivision of the euro; actual euro currency did not begin circulation until the beginning of 2002.

Although the euro became the currency of the Eurozone countries including Ireland on 1 January 1999, it wasn’t until the agreed date of 1 January 2002 that the state began to withdraw Irish pound coins and notes, replacing them with euro specie.

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The 5 Irish Pounds note front to design Catherine McAuley (founder of the Sisters of Mercy) at right, Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin at left.


On the back, Three children in a classroom. The first verse of the Irish poem Mise Raifteirí an File by Antoine Ó Raifteiri is on the blackboard. A map of Europe, without political boundaries, is at the back.

Irish pound coins and notes ceased to be legal tender on 9 February 2002, although they will be exchangeable indefinitely for euro at the Central Bank.

The banknote, its color is brown, blue and yellow.

Text: Banc Ceannais na hÉireann, Cúig Phunt. Mise Raifteirí an file, Lán dóchas is grá, Le súile gan solas, Le ciúnas gan chrá. Central Bank of Ireland £5 Five Pounds

The reason why of the Ireland Pound

The Central Bank of Ireland started issuing these 1 Irish Pound banknotes in 1838. The banknote of 1 Pound depicts Hibernia, National Personifications of Ireland and portrait of Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

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Blue, Brown, Yellow


120 x 64 mm


Mater Misericordiae Hospital


Blackboard – Book – Books – Child – Children – Classroom – Map


Catherine McAuley – Sister Catherine McAuley






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5 – Banc Ceannais na h Eireann – Central Bank of Ireland – Five Pounds



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