Ghana 5 Pesewas 

Ghana 5 Pesewas 


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The Ghanaian cedi is the official currency in Ghana since 1965 when that replaced the British West African pound after the Nation Independence in 1957. The official currency symbol is GH₵. Since 1958, the Bank of Ghana has been emitting notes, but most of that has been modified year by year either for security changes or a new governor takes over the bank’s management. Since the cedi had been used as official currency in 1965, different denominations of pesewa coins have been issued between ½P to ¢500.

The 5 Ghanaian pesewas coin coin front features the National Coat of Arms which consists of the shield divided into; the first quarter shows a sword and a staff, the second quarter shows the Castle of Osu over the sea, the presidential palace on the Gulf of Guinea, the third quarter shows a cacao tree, the fourth quarter shows a gold mine. In the center of the shield is a Cross of Saint George with a golden lion in the center. On the crest is a Black African Star on a torso in the national colors of Ghana. Holding the shield are two golden tawny eagles, with the Order of the Ghana Star dangling from their necks. Below is a scroll that bears Ghana’s national motto: “Freedom and Justice”. The reverse coin design presents a Ghanaian native man blowing a traditional horn and the denomination. This coin is part of the 2007 – 2016 series, its rim is plain, and its color is silver.

Text: Ghana, Freedom and Justice, 2007, 5 pesewas.  

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