Ghana 5 Cedis (60 Years of Central Banking in Ghana)


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The Ghanaian cedi is the official currency in Ghana since 1965 when that replaced the British West African pound after the Nation Independence in 1957. The official currency symbol is GH₵. Since 1958, the Bank of Ghana has been issuing banknotes, but most of them have been changed year after year, either because of security changes or a new governor takes over the bank’s management. Since the cedi had been used as official currency in 1965, different denominations of cedi notes have been issued between ¢1 to ¢5,000. Since 2002, the ¢10,000 and ¢20,000 cedis notes have been added to the banknotes in circulation.

The 5 Ghanaian cedis commemorative note front design features Dr. James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey (1875 – 1927), who was the first Principal of Achimota Collegehe, a background with the Black Star of Africa, The National Coat of Arms, a gold bullion seal, and the denomination. The reverse note side presents the main sources of wealth in Ghana; a tug boat carrying an oil extraction vessel, a cocoa bean and gold bars and the denomination. This note is part of the 2017 series: ” 60 Years of Central Banking in Ghana” and its color is light blue dark blue and tan on multicolor underprint.

Text: Bank of Ghana, Governor, This Note is Issued on Statutory Authority and is Legal Tender for the Payment of Any Amount, Freedom and Justice, Dr. James Kwegyir Aggrey 1875 – 1927, Celebrating 60 Years of central banking in Ghana 1957 – 2017, 4th March 2017, Five Cedis, GH₵ 5.

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