Germany 10 Mark (1989-1993 Deutsche Bundesbank)


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Germany 10 Mark (1989-1993 Deutsche Bundesbank)

The Deutsche Mark (Germany 10 mark) was the official currency of West Germany (1948-1990) and Germany (1990-2002) until the adoption of the euro in 2002.

It was first issued under Allied occupation in 1948 replacing the Reichsmark, and served as the Federal Republic of Germany’s official currency from its founding the following year until 1999.

When the Mark was replaced by the euro; its coins and banknotes remained in circulation, defined in terms of euros, until the introduction of euro notes and coins in early 2002.

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The Deutsche Mark ceased to be legal tender immediately upon the introduction of the euro-in contrast to the other Eurozone nations.

Where the euro and legacy currency circulated side by side for up to two months.

DM coins and banknotes continued to be accepted as valid forms of payment in Germany until 28 February 2002.

The Deutsche Bundesbank started issuing these 10 Deutsche Mark banknotes in 1991.

The banknote of zehn Deutsche mark shows the portrait of Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician.

Text: DEUTSCHE BUNDESBANK, Banknote, Zehn Deutsche Mark, 10, 1777-1855 Carl Friedrich Gauss

The reason why of the Germany Mark

Produced in order to be prepared in case of a military attack from Eastern Europe.

Assuming that in case of a successful invasion the enemy would take possession of the Deutsche Mark notes and coins.

All regular DM-notes would have been declared immediately as no longer valid.

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