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The CFP franc is the official currency of French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna. The official currency symbol: F. The initials CFP referred to Change franc Pacifique (Pacific Franc Exchange).

In December 1945, the CFP franc was introduced, along with the CFA franc, which is used in Africa. The fragility of the French franc immediately after WWII was the impetus for the introduction of these francs. The French franc was depreciated to set a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar when France signed the Bretton Woods Agreement in December 1945. To avoid the severe devaluation of December 1945, new currencies were introduced throughout the French colonies. The CFP franc, on the other hand, was pegged to the US dollar, which played a significant role in the economy of the French Pacific possessions during World War II. Then in 1949 when the CFP franc was given a fixed exchange rate with the French franc. Since 1967, the IEOM (Institut d’émission d’outre-mer, ‘Overseas Issuing Institute’) has issued the CFP franc. The IEOM’s headquarters are in Paris.

In 1949, French Polynesia (before French Oceania) introduced the first coins separated into two types: identical obverses and distinct reverses. Both types of coins can be used in all three French territories. Today are circulating coins in denominations of F1, F2, F5, F10, F20, F50, F100.

The 50 French Polynesian centime coin front design features Liberty sitting on the throne, holding a burning torch and a cornucopia with a variety of fruits, the name of the French republic and the date of issue.

The reverse of the coin presents the denomination on an island motif of the French Polynesians that contains some palm trees on the shore of the beach with an island at the end of the horizon, a seashell full of fruits and a sailboat sailing in the sea. This coin is part of the 1965 series, its rim is plain, and its color is silver.

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