200 Croatian Kuna Coin

200 Croatian Kuna Coin


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200 Croatian Kuna Coin Design

The 200 kuna commemorative coin front design features a sketch of the Diocletian’s Palace located in Split; at the turn of the fourth century AD, the Roman emperor Diocletian built a historic palace, which now makes up nearly half of Split’s old town.  The coin’s reverse illustrates the Sarcophagus at the Temple of Jupiter in Diocletian’s Palace. This coin is part of the 1995 commemorative series ‘’1700th Anniversary of the Palace of Diocletian and the Founding of the City of Split’’. Its rim is plain, and also its color is silver.


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The word kuna means “marten” in Croatian, a skin type used as a value unit in medieval trade. On the other hand, the word lipa means “linden tree,” a species planted in the markets of Croatia and other lands under the Habsburg monarchy during the early modern period.

In 1994 introduced, the kuna replaced the Croatian dinar.

Introduced The first coin series in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 lipa and 1, 2, 5, and also 25 kuna.

The coins are issued in two versions: one with the name of the plant or animal in Croatian, also the other with the name in Latin. Overall more coins have been minted with Croatian words than with names in Latin.

Croatian currency symbol

The kuna is the official currency of Croatia. The official currency symbol; Kn.

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