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The lev is the official currency of Bulgaria. The official currency symbol: лв. The term “lev” meant “lion” in old Bulgarian; the contemporary word for “lion” is luv. The name “stotinka” is derived from the word “sto”, which means “a hundred.” Four lev have been introduced in Bulgaria, the first was adopted in 1881, and the last, in current use, was adopted in 1999. During the adoption of the latter lev, and after a redenomination process, banknotes were introduced in the denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 leva, followed by the 100 leva notes in 2003. The 1 and 2 lev notes were eventually phased out of circulation and replaced with coins of comparable value.

The 20 Bulgaria leva note front design features the portrait of Stefan Nikolov Stambolov (1854 – 1895), was a Bulgarian politician, journalist, revolutionary, and poet who served as Prime Minister and regent. He is regarded as one of the most influential and popular “Founders of Modern Bulgaria”. He is occasionally referred to as “Bulgarian Bismarck.” the design is completed with a fragment from his poetry book and a stamp of the Bulgarian Charity Committee “Unity”.

The reverse of the note presents the building of the National Assembly and architectural fragments of Eagles’ Bridge and Lions’ Bridge. The lettering of the note is presented in the Bulgarian language. This note is part of the 1999 – 2020 series, and its color is blue on an underprint.

Text: 20, 2007 БП 3154630 20 ЕСЕН СТАМБОЛОВ ДВАДЕСЕТ ЛЕВА, Стефан Стамболов 1854 – 1895, СТИХОТВОРЕНИЯ, Сатен добри Поборная астрах. За ам’rе права на наш’та добре пі КАКАОн роля ще мине и род. Kors aть ъ са живе Сирени пред THUBB Cookie юмаа санаа Винсе дъ варь ваень гу і аж нелете 1878 их та украси и БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА та Хаите че Bars, Сало 11 Апр. 1877 / утилител ПАВЕН АСИЕР БП, За подправka Виновните се наказват съгласно закона, БЪЛГАРСКА НАРОДНА БАНКА, ДВАДЕСЕТ ЛЕВА, 20, ДВАДЕСЕТ ЛЕВА.

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