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The real is the official currency in Brazil since 1994. From the middle of the 17th century until 1942, the real was the only currency until a monetary reform removed it from circulation. Then the cruzeiro was imposed until 1986 when the cruzado was put into circulation until 1989. The real cruzeiro returned in 1993 for a whole year until the country returned to the Brazilian Real after many years of inflation. One year later, coins were issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 centavos and 1 real, the latter produced in 1994 was demonetized in 2003

The 5 Centavos coin front design features Joaquim José da Silva Xavier (1746 -1792), who was condemned to the gallows due to his participation in the movement for Independence, called Inconfidência Mineira, is today revered as a hero and civic patron of the Brazilian nation. His image is flanked by motifs alluding to Inconfidência Mineira – the triangle of the flag of the inconfidentes, overlaid by a bird that represents freedom and peace. The reverse coin design has diagonal lines in the background to highlight the denomination and year of issue. This coin is part of the 1994 series, its rim is plain, and its color is bronze. 

Text: 5 Centavos, Brasil, Tiradentes, 2001

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