Gift Cards

Did someone give you a gift card to a restaurant that you will never eat at or a store you will never shop at? Do you have such a small balance remaining on your gift card it would cost more to drive there than is on the card? Did you return an item and instead of cash the store issued you a merchandise card? Do you have a full gift card but just need some quick cash? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in the right place! We now buy the unused balances on your gift cards. No balance is too small. Simply find the card you have on our site and type in the remaining balance on your card and then add it to your sales wallet. Print out your packing list and send it along with your gift cards. Once we will receive your gift card we will verify the funds on the cards and then send you payment.
Did you know that over $1 BILLION dollars of gift cards went unused last year? If you need help turning your cards to cash, Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange is at your service.
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