Overflowing with biodiversity and culture, Guatemala is an unspoiled paradise full of landscapes and beaches to explore. From its raging volcanoes to its majestic lakes, Guatemala has the beautiful contrast between dream beaches and unbreakable jungles.

Full of history, this wonderful country will give you an unforgettable experience by giving you the opportunity to explore one of the wonders of ancient civilization such as the great Mayan city of Tiklan and the great colonial architecture of the city of Antigua Guatemala. These are the best destinations to visit in Guatemala.


1. Livingston

Livingston guatemala

The culturally diverse and unique town of Livingston is located at the mouth of Rio Dulce in eastern Guatemala and considered by many to be the best tourist destination in Guatemala.

In it you can find a beautiful combination of palm trees and Caribbean beaches, tropical plants, fine white sand, surrounded by the beautiful canyons of Izabal and the lagoons of Rio Dulce where you see birds and tropical marine fauna, definitely a bit of everything, In Livingston there is a wide variety of hotels, shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Furthermore, from here you can visit the Rio Dulce Canyon, Lake Izabal, Cape Manapon and Cayo Belize.


2. Rio Dulce

 rio dulce guatemala

Located in one of the wildest and most exotic areas of Guatemala. With its 43 km long, the “sweet” river is born in the lake of Izabal where the Spanish built the Castillo de San Felipe de Lara, a beautiful fortress that used to stop pirates who entered from the Caribbean Sea, when the area was an important place of commerce in Central America during the colonial era.

The most spectacular part of this river is the Rio Dulce Canyon, with beautiful rocky walls on both sides, in the dense jungle, the sounds of animals, various birds and small towns scattered along the coast. Río Dulce has a variety of activities, from renting kayaks to nearby towns or waterfalls, hiking through the jungle, visiting seven altars, observing manatees in some lagoons, and more.


3. Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey guatemala

Semúc Champey is one of the most desired and dreamed of places by those who visit Guatemala. Often branded as a natural paradise, the song of the cicadas during the rainy season, the turquoise waters and the sound of the howling monkeys create a magical atmosphere that welcomes you to this place, abundant with impressive landscapes and exuberant vegetation, hidden treasures among the mountains and protected by the great Cahabón river.




4. Mayans Ruins of Tikal

mayan ruins of tikal guatemala

Located in the dense and humid jungle of northern Guatemala bordering Belize, it is one of the largest archaeological sites in Central America. The ruins of the great Mayan city of Tikal are well preserved and are one of the best places to visit Mayan culture in Guatemala.

Tikal was occupied for about 600 a. C. and 900 d. C. and there are more than 3,000 structures on display, from pyramids and temples to squares and the Acropolis. It is one of the most important Mayan urban centers in a thousand years and is still one of the largest Mayan archaeological sites at the time.


5. Antigua Guatemala

antigua guatemala

Built between volcanoes and sheltered by the great lake of Atitlan, Guatemala’s crown jewel is the gleaming colonial city of Antigua Guatemala.

Full of history and rich in culture, this colonial city tells its own history through its colorful streets and colonial architecture, although most of its buildings had to be rebuilt due to earthquakes that occurred over time, without a doubt this city prevails with its charm.


6. Lake Atitlan

lake atitlan

Lake Atitlán is a body of water located in a huge crater in the mountains of southwestern Guatemala. It is surrounded by majestic green hills and is famous for the volcanoes and Mayan villages that feed on it, as well as its impressive sharp cones.

The bustling city of Panajachel sells traditional textiles and is a popular gateway to the lake. In the old coffee plantation, you will find the Attilan Nature Reserve with trails and butterfly gardens.

Due to its harsh mountainous terrain and being escorted by volcanoes and mountains, the use of vehicles in this location is not possible, which is why the common form of transportation are water taxis that move through the river.

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