Low-budget luxury accommodation

Sometimes when we plan a trip and talk about low-budget luxury accommodation, we can only think we should leave some tastes and comforts aside. But, of course, we have to forget that long-awaited design hotel you had wanted for a moment, but do. Things have changed now, and some hostels have decided to fight the big hotels because their pillows are incredible.

To fight this great battle, hostels have arrived to show us that there are low-budget getaways that can become luxurious. So here I am going to show you some that can have services and comforts and that they would not have to envy any 5-star hotel; they are simply determined to win the battle to offer amenities to their guests.

Baixa House

Knowing the demands of travelers is the premise that can define this place, a set of apartments that have managed to position themselves for their great location and decoration, every part you see flashes great taste. Of course, their breakfast (already included) is delicious, and you will have it in your memory. It is definitely the perfect place to enjoy all the beautiful Lisbon. The minimum stay is two nights.

City Circus – Athens

This place aims to show the classic city of Athens. It takes you to see modernity and how it is lived today in this place; inspired by a circus, as its name indicates, it aims to give its guests the best service and a unique experience. Perfect for making friends from all over the world, they have different activities from happy hour, wine tasting, parties, and others every afternoon. The important thing is that you never stop entertaining.

(From 22 Euros per night in a shared room)

The Hat – Madrid

If what you were looking for was the design and a hostel under the same roof, you can’t miss this place in Madrid. Private room, shared, for families, couples, or only for women (perfect if you travel alone), this is the ideal hostel to stay on your trip to Madrid. With a dream terrace, with a perfect view to have a drink and watch the sunset.

(From 20 Euros per night per person)

Checkin – Logroña

If you are looking for a central and functional place, this is ideal. If you are visiting La Rioja or on a pilgrimage on the way to Santiago, this hostel opens its doors so you can complete that experience. It is a place full of design and charm.

(From 55 dollars a night)

Generator Hostel – Paris

You want to feel like you’re in a Parisian movie (I think sometimes that’s what many travelers are looking for). The decoration of this hotel takes you to a movie set. The beautiful city of love has a hostel with the best location and, above all, an exquisite design, located opposite the symbolic headquarters of the French Communist Party.

(From 17 Euros shared room or from 78 Euros private room per night)

Clink 78 London

Located in London in an old courthouse, this poshtel has an incredible design, plus it invites you to meet different people and experience a different and joyful London.

Be sure to visit their sister hostels in Amsterdam.

(From £17 per night)

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