Welcome to the new London travel guide.

We know that this is a city of great tradition and cultural heritage. Also, it is one of the world’s leading cities with a historical trajectory, which will be reflected in this guide.


There are many places we can go to in London. Therefore we will emphasize the most important or emblematic trend.


Tower of London.

We highly recommend visiting the Tower of London if you come to this city.


The first thing we recommend is to see the crown jewels.

The wait is not very long because, throughout the tour, they put up informative signs. Once inside, it is forbidden to take photos, and there are staff who will call your attention if they do.


The uniformed guards in the tower are lovely and friendly. In addition to letting you take a photo with them, they ask you questions about your trip.


Depending on the time, they decorate the tower according to the season. And likewise, stories are made following the event.


You will find many shops with souvenirs and even places selling typical fish & chips in the entrance area.


British Museum

The British Museum is a special place where history and culture have been collected and preserved for over a century.


An unrivaled set of artifacts is protected and exhibited for almost free.


On this level, one can give thanks for coming here. For almost nothing, you can see many wonders of the world.


Museums (and British museums in particular) in the West have been criticized for taking things from other countries and bringing them to the West.


Obviously, that is what happened with some of these artifacts.


One should consider the preservation and exhibition that has occurred and the easy-to-criticize expropriation.


However, many of the nations that created these items are no more. The great British archaeologists and explorers who found and preserved them deserve at least a round of applause for saving them from the fate of too many historical artifacts.


Coca-cola London Eye

A different experience. Many meters high, glass cabins, and a spectacular view.


The wheel moves very slowly, so allow time to take some beautiful photos of London and also have time to enjoy them.


It takes about 30 minutes to go all the way around. Buy advance tickets online and, if you can, the Fast track to avoid the massive lines.


Tower Bridge

This hundred-year-old wonder draws everyone along the Thames to it like a magnet. Its majesty and beauty are incredible. A walk-in front that spans 800 meters is a luxury. You admire both the iconic design and the beautiful views of both rivers.


The Tower Bridge Exhibition is worthwhile fun housed in the Twin Towers of the structure. It details how and how the bridge was built, delves through its fascinating history, and provides impressive panoramas of the city from the double walkways 14 stories above the river. However, be aware that the queue for this can be very long as the lifts are small and the spaces in the exhibition area are limited.


These are some of the places to visit in this London travel guide.


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