Incredible pet-friendly hotels around the world. Traveling has become one of the best experiences in life, and it is always good to do it accompanied. Lately, it has become a trend for our travel companion to be our pet.  

Whether it was a dog or a cat, in the past, it was time to leave it at home or for someone we knew to take care of our special friend, but over time this has changed. 

 To such an extent, hotels are beginning to be pet friendly. Attracting more tourists and reaching a segment that previously did not see the option of traveling. If their dog or cat friend could not accompany them on their adventure. 

We want to introduce you to some hotels with this new way of hosting pets and owners worldwide. 


Le Meurice 

Paris France 


This is a 7-story hotel located a 15-minute walk from Elysee Palace, offering luxurious rooms, a spa center, and a sauna. In addition, this 5-star venue has a private pool, a gym, and a fitness center. 


In each of the 160 rooms, you can enjoy a private terrace, a kitchen, and soundproof windows, the perfect place to welcome your pet guests with a magnificent welcome basket. 


The Park Hyatt 

Wien, Austria 

Housed in a former bank from the early 20th century, this luxurious hotel is a 6-minute walk from the Hofburg Imperial Palace and a 7-minute walk from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. 


When making the reservation, it must be mentioned so that the hotel is ready and grants a room with special measures for the case. If necessary, they will look for access so that you can be accompanied by your pet anywhere. 


Calistoga Ranch 

Napa, Calif. 

The elegant cedar cabins at this resort feature floor-to-ceiling windows, an entertainment center, an outdoor living room with a fireplace, and a rain shower. The premium cabins, with 1 or 2 bedrooms, have a bar and kitchen. 


This place has care and walks for dogs surrounded by nature. For this purpose, they will be put on a collar with the sign “Calistoga Ranch guest.” 


The pet needs to be well received so that it is well educated, dewormed, bathed, and with its vaccination card up to date.  

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