Sometimes you ask How to organize a good trip? Organizing ourselves for a trip is the first step to having the most glorious adventure; even if it is just a weekend or a month, there are always things to plan and that we need to arrange to go calmly.

Where to go? Where am I going to stay? What is my budget? What should I bring? These are some of the thousands of questions that go through our heads while we decide to face an adventure (even if we are experts and decide to travel without planning it)


These steps will help you arrange that perfect trip alone or with a company so that all you have to worry about is taking the ideal photos.


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The destination:

To decide our goal, there are several important factors that we must evaluate. First, how much time do I have? What is my budget? These two are the main questions to deciding the place where we are going to travel; the idea is to be able to adjust little by little what we have; if it is only a weekend, I must take into account the time it takes to get to the place and return, this gives you an idea of the real-time you have for the activities you want to do. It is also essential to know the type of luggage that you must bring.


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The budget

Now, with the digital era, we have infinite alternatives to adjust the trips to our budget.

If we can access a hotel, or better we decide on a hostel or we also access Airbnb that allows us to live the experience not only of lodging but also to share with the locals.

Then we enter with the food the cheapest option is to eat with the locals and try everything that is within our reach, or also look for a full pension in the lodging that you stay (bear in mind that on many occasions only you are going to have breakfast in the place you visit because most of the time you are not going to be in the hotel, only in some destinations).

From my experience, I tell you the budget must be paramount when organizing a trip, but do not let the lack of some bills in your wallet stop you from that trip you want.

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Organizing your activities or keeping in mind how you want to spend your time in your destination will allow you to enjoy yourself to the fullest, and you will get to know the location.


Tools help you: as I am sure you are not going to leave your cell phone at home.

You can download some applications such as (search apps) that will serve as a tool on your trip.


Finally, remember that the important thing on how to organize a good trip is not to make a scheme.

That you have to follow to the letter, but to enjoy every second because life is a journey that allows you to experience each place.

Remember that the most crucial baggage is your attitude.


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