If you are asking, how to invest in US dollars? There are already low-cost options that save as little as a dollar and generate returns of 3% to 8% per year.

You can even invest in currencies by buying shares of the world’s largest companies.

The most traditional way to save with foreign currency is to do so through the financial system: practically all large banks offer the possibility of opening an account in dollars, which is actually an account that is opened in a branch of the bank abroad. Instead, that can be managed from the comfort of a computer.

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However, this modality represents significant restrictions since the minimum amount to open this product is usually US$5,000.


An expensive or cheap dollar affects other currencies since it functions as an intermediary in the process of supply and demand in the financial market.

Therefore, the exchange rate plays a vital role in properly managing finances.


Investments in dollars are highly profitable for investors because they have high-interest rates. They can also carry out international business and obtain profits in foreign currencies.


This is the time to take control of your money in a scenario where the bet is a win-win. If you want to start investing, you should contact a financial advisor. He will be able to solve your doubts and make an economic diagnosis. Thus, you will be able to design a diversified Investment Strategy based on: your profile, financial situation, needs, and time in which you will have working your capital.

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The best alternatives to investing in US dollars can be:

– Investment funds and voluntary pension funds. In the world, vehicles of this type invest in foreign currency or other assets abroad. To do this, you can find out from your financial institution what funds they invest in dollars.

– The foreign exchange market is the most liquid in the world. Converged investors buy and sell euros, dollars, yen, and pounds sterling, among other currencies. Through digital platforms, it is possible to access this market.


The dollar is a haven asset that investors often turn to in times of uncertainty. In March, when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, many withdrew their money from emerging economies. They trusted the dollar, causing it to appreciate due to increased demand.



Are you thinking of investing in dollars? Remember that it is essential stay well informed to know the risks and minimize them before depositing your money.


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