Glamping… the idea of going camping in a 5-star place; for some, it makes them want to run away and say Never!

On the other hand, it is undoubtedly a great plan; pitch the tent, light the fire, chase away the mosquitoes,s and bundle up very well to withstand the cold night.

When someone mentions the idea of ​​going camping, you don’t know whether to accept it, to see the stars and leave comfort aside a bit, or to run away… some travelers experience it, but it is not on our list of favorites.

This is a new opportunity to connect with nature and experience that starry sky with all the comforts that we could get in a hotel.

This is how the term Glamping was born:

A bit of glamor with an ordinary campsite, and which has many differences from going out camping traditionally: you will not have a sleeping bag but a queen size bed and super comfortable pillows, in addition.

You do not have to worry about setting up your tent because it is already ready when you arrive and because of the cold there is no mess because several of these places have the perfect heating to see the starry sky as if you were in your room.

It is that we always found ourselves with this dilemma:

we travel comfortably or live in nature, but for those demanding travelers mixing this alternative was an ALMOST impossible mission, only reserved for some celebs who had that luxury.

Well, now we found it, and if you are thinking about how to do it, platforms like or (the main ones in their category) can help you find your perfect Glamping.

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In summary, Glamping is:

  • Being able to see the stars without losing comfort.
  • Being in contact with nature.
  • Rest entirely in a unique environment.
  • An experience that you will want to repeat.

When choosing your Glamping, you will have several options.

Including treehouses, bubbles, safari tents, ecological pods, caves, igloos, villas, and tiny houses (my favorite), among other possibilities.

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Here we show you some options, and we hope you will be encouraged to do a Glamping.

But if you dont like glamping: camping in a 5-star place, here you can find another options

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