If you are ready for a new destination, we recommend five places to visit in Lithuania. Is an unknown country in Northern Europe with castles, lakes, and extensive forests. An incredible place to let our imagination fly.

Here at Foreign Currency, we show you some places that you cannot miss on your visit:

1. Kaunas castle

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It is the oldest city in the Baltic country; you can visit the remains of the first castle in Lithuania, a fortress built in the fifteenth century. Only a couple of towers remain, but a museum is inside.

  1. Museum of the devil

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It is one of the most curious places in the world, dedicated to the devil, works representing the devil in all forms and brought from different parts of the world; it is the only museum in Europe that you will find of this style.

  1. Druskininkai

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It is a beautiful town located next to the river; it is perfect if you want to go for a walk, it has large lakes and is surrounded by forests.

  1. Uzupis

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The Uzupis neighborhood in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a unique place; it was declared an independent republic with its institution and army.

  1. Hill of Crosses

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It is a unique place in the north, thousands of crosses piled up representing the faith of the people of Lithuania. They were symbols of opposition to the Soviet Union. A unique and memorable place.

Fans of outdoor fun will enjoy Lithuania’s natural wonders. The biggest of the Baltic states is a wonderland for the curious. Those interested in ancient myths and local legends will discover the country’s mysterious and fascinating history. Lithuania is the perfect place for your next family holiday.

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