You will find everything to know about flying with a dog here.

Because we know that finding the ideal company to travel with can be challenging. We also want to share that experience with our pets so that. In the long run, it becomes an adventure for the dog and its owner.

But to achieve this task, a series of requirements must be met. Which are regulated by both airports and airlines and must be taken into account when traveling with your pet.

Some tips to know before flying with your dog.

Within the normal parameters is that your vaccination is up to date and under the regulations of each country. Before each trip, it is always good to investigate the rules to avoid setbacks.

The last meal should be at least two hours before the trip to avoid dizziness and vomiting.

Travel with healthy animals. Traveling may be wrong if your pet has recent health difficulties.

Brachycephalic pets (dogs: pug, English or French bulldog, Pekingese, Shar Pei, etc.; cats: Persian, Himalayan, Burmese, etc.) must not be subjected to trips of more than four hours.

Never medicate your pet with relaxants without the advice of a veterinary professional.

Now during the flying with your pet.

Certain airlines have restrictions on the size or breed of animals that can travel with people in the cabin.

Have at hand all the documents that certify that your pet can travel in the aircraft cabin: emotional support certificate, vaccination certificate, training certificate, etc.

Try not to disturb other passengers.

On some occasions, the airline may charge an additional charge for carrying a pet in the plane’s cabin.

Make sure airline staff treat your pet with the responsibility and care it deserves

Pets must always travel accompanied by their owners or authorized representatives. It will be necessary to go to the departure airport sufficiently in advance to complete the required procedures.

Finish line, the arrival with your partner.

Many pet-friendly hotels even have additional dog services if you want to enjoy the whole experience.

Always try to be attentive to all the recommendations. That they give you when taking your pet, either in the hotel facilities or at the airport, or in the city to visit to avoid setbacks and have a relatively happy memory.

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