In this travel guide to Dublin, we will bring you the best places to visit in the capital of Ireland, a city full of history but also a pioneer in the manufacture of drinks such as beer and whiskey.


We invite you to take this tour with us, but only after making a currency exchange here so that you can enjoy your trip without setbacks.


Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin.

The history of Ireland is shared regarding the time, resistance, and the government’s stance on politics in the early 20th century. This tour helped explain much of the overlapping history we found at other landmarks and allowed us to be more informed before other tours. We HIGHLY recommend making this tour a top priority during a visit to Dublin!


The Little Museum of Dublin.

The name “Little Dublin Museum” describes the museum perfectly. In this case, housed in 3 stories of an old Georgian house on Stephen’s Green, the museums offer many varied exhibits donated by people. Admission is per guided tour that lasts 30 minutes and touches on some of the guide’s favorite pieces. The weekend tour includes a 30-minute guided tour of Stephen’s Green, which is well worth it.


Guinness Storehouse.

Allow a minimum of 4 hours up to 5-6 hours to see everything. Book the first-morning tour online for a great deal. In particular, this is an interactive museum experience about a vision as continued through the generations. There’s the history, the science, the marketing insight, and the fun. Looking at the old parts of the building was just as interesting as the exhibits for me. If the walls could talk! Gravity Bar on the seventh floor is the place to start before it fills up.


Irish Whiskey Museum

The whiskey blending experience at the Irish Whiskey Museum is excellent.


The experience involves a one-hour guided tour through several rooms where Irish whiskey, its history, social importance, distillation process, and most importantly, its taste! Also, it is explored and explained through a tour guide and various multimedia exhibits.


The experience ends in a tasting room, where about 10 people taste up to 4 high-quality Irish whiskeys and mix 30ml bottles to take home as souvenirs.


In short, the experience is well worth your time. It strikes the perfect balance between being informative, fun, and memorable. Believe it or not, it is the most enjoyable experience in Dublin.


This and other experiences in this Dublin travel guide can give you an idea of what this city offers you.


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