Do you want to travel cheap? know these apps to save money on your trip and became an expert in technology and lifestyle

If you want to travel cheap, these apps will help you. A few years ago, traveling was a luxury that one could afford with a lot of effort; it could only be summed up in the flight and a hotel; if you were lucky enough that someone lived in your destination, that could help you much more. On the other hand, you could save a lot of time for a short trip that might allow you to know a little about the city you are visiting, and time would run out. Seriously! Traveling did not have the facilities that we have now.

Thank you, internet, thank you, social networks! Traveling now is not a luxury; it is necessary to find oneself and get to know this world which is our home; enjoying it is more important. Therefore, I share with you some applications that will allow you to travel more economically and/or help you have a unique experience without worrying about the cost of a hotel.

A super important recommendation is that these applications are for people looking for adventure, perhaps not for those looking for comfort and convenience; they need to be open to living a unique experience on their trip.


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“Don’t spend money, exchange nights” is the motto of this app that works worldwide. The idea is elementary, register your apartment or house; the more people visit your place, the more nights you have free; it is a simple exchange: night for night, trip for the trip.

It is available for iOS and Android.


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Although this changes our idea of traveling and having complete leisure, it is the ideal one if you are looking for free accommodation. Take care of someone else’s house while they’re away. Although it is not entirely free, registration is $50 per year. Free housing for as long as you want (for that amount)… great


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So do you want to travel cheap and animals are your thing, this is the perfect app because you are going to get free lodging, but you also get a furry friend to accompany you on the visit. So here it is about taking care of the animals while the owners are not at home. They cost $7.70 a month and all the opportunities you need, I must say they offer comfortable places.

World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms (WWOOF)

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If what you are looking for is to change the routine of the city, volunteering at an organic farm is the best option, and if you do it sustainably, that is the best thing is that you will work between 4 – 6 hours on the plantation issues and maintenance. After that, the rest is your time. If you decide to take this opportunity, the most precise options are New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Portugal, although there are many others.


Finding accommodation taking into account the skills you have, exchanging them, and being able to enjoy a great trip is the opportunity you have with Worldpackers, helping on a farm, being a collaborator in a hostel, taking care of babysitters, or even preparing food are the options you can find in this platform in exchange you receive free hosting.

Option 1: One year of unlimited travel for $49.

Option 2: a single trip for $30.

If what you want is to be able to travel without thinking about the budget, these are an excellent option.

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Remember, no matter where you go, you can exchange your currencies here.