Introduce the countries to travel cheap in Europe. If you want to travel, but the budget does not allow you to achieve that dream; the budget may no longer be an excuse; here, we share the cheapest places in Europe to travel without spending money and enjoying it.


In addition to saving, these countries will surprise you.


This country is new on the list of travelers, becoming fashionable. Its capital, Sofia, will surprise you with its charm and the best you will find

You can get lodging for 18 dollars, very comfortable and comfortable.

In addition to its monastery, you can find charming towns in Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnov. Bulgaria is a country that will surprise you and become unmissable.


It is one of the places that you can visit. One of the best cities you must go through is Warsaw, it is incredible, and you can find many things to do.

You can get lodging for 20 dollars, and you can visit a place full of art and urban mixtures that you cannot miss.


It is one of the most touristic countries in Europe. Its capital Vilva is one of the cheapest cities in the old continent and has many free activities such as the Literatu Street Project. What makes your experience complete.

You can get hotels for 16 Euros per night.

A visit that you cannot miss


One of the places that you cannot miss if you travel to Europe is Portugal, it is not as cheap as the previous ones, but it is one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe. Besides that its gastronomy is delicious, you will be able to find lodging for 30 euros a night. Additionally, you can visit the lighthouse at the world’s end and take a bike ride.

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