As a foreigner arriving in a new country, you may be wondering how to use Colombian Pesos. This post will be useful for you to understand money in Colombia and recognize the different denominations, learn more about the history of Colombian money, accurately convert Colombian pesos to American dollars, and more.

The history of Colombian money

Before the Colombian peso, Colombia used the Spanish colonial real. In 1810, the Colombian peso was introduced to the market as the official currency of the country, having the value of 8 reales. Eventually, reales stopped circulating.

In 1871, Colombia adopted a monetary system that considered a fixed quantity of gold as an economic unit of value. Adopting the gold standard in the 19th century was a very popular measure many countries used to regulate their monetary system, and Colombia was no exception. The Colombian peso was pegged to the French franc, modern gold coins minted during the restoration of France. One Colombian peso equated five francs.

The Banco Nacional de la República de Colombia was founded in 1880 during the government of President Rafael Núñez. The bank was responsible for printing the Colombian banknotes, which was pegged to the British pound, but the bills dropped their value due to printing press inflation.

In 1923, the country needed assistance to face the aftermath of the First World War. President Pedro Nel Ospina requested help from the United States, a country that was starting in Latin America what is known as the Kemmerer Missions.

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Colombian pesos denominations

Colombian pesos code is COP, and its commonly used symbol is COL$. If you are interested in buying or selling outmoded Colombian peso coins, visit our website.


10 Colombian pesos

10 pesos

20 Colombian pesos

20 pesos colombianos

50 Colombian pesos

50 pesos colombianos

100 Colombian pesos

100 pesos colombianos

200 Colombian pesos

200 pesos colombianos

500 Colombian pesos

500 pesos colombianos

1000 Colombian pesos

1000 pesos colombianos

Colombian banknotes

The current Colombian bills have two designs. Since the diversity of Colombian paper money was increased by adding larger denominations, the bank started printing a new design that shortened the value expressed on the paper. For example, “50,000” was changed to “50 thousand”. However, both designs are accepted in the market. You can visit Foreign Currency & Coin Exchange to have access to all current and outmoded Colombian peso banknotes.


1000 Colombian pesos

1000 pesos colombianos billete

2000 Colombian pesos

2000 pesos colombianos

5000 Colombian pesos

5000 pesos colombianos

10000 Colombian pesos

10000 pesos colombianos

20000 Colombian pesos

20000 pesos colombianos

50000 Colombian pesos

50000 pesos colombianos

100000 Colombian pesos

100000 pesos colombianos

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