In the travel guide, Atlanta is a city whose great tourist attraction is its history.

This city, which we already know, was the organizer of the Olympics in 1996. Making it a sports inspiration for the new generations in America and carrying one of the best historical legacies of the East Coast.


In any case, the city’s historical legacy is impressive and very attractive for this city.

It has to be included in your visit plans to the United States.


Learn more about civil rights and Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King, the African-American civil rights movement spokesman, was born and raised in Atlanta.


He is one of the most influential figures in the recent history of the United States. Within your plans, you should include visiting a Museum that traces his entire life (and the path towards equality of the African-American people).

In addition, the church where he was a pastor, his house, and an exhibition will tell you more about the life and legacy of this great man.


The Civil Rights Museum is also fascinating. In addition you can explore the history of segregation and the first movements towards justice and equality (from Rosa Park to the March on Washington).


Little Five Points. Get to know the most alternative Atlanta.

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Full of graffiti, it is a colorful neighborhood, record stores, vintage clothing, and little restaurants with exciting cuisine. In our personal opinion, we recommend the Vortex… the goal: try a lady hamburger! The winner of the greasiest dish of the year is Lety, who, with her “Fat Elvis.” A hamburger with peanut butter, bacon, and fried banana ensure an incomparable flavor but total satisfaction. At every bite


The secret recipe of Coca-Cola

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This may be Atlanta’s most famous tour. It is the Coca-Cola World.

The most famous drink in the world has a museum that tells the story of how it became the best beverage and thousands of very striking merchandising pieces.

The secret formula (well, almost all the secret formula), and of course, where you can try a few glasses of that addictive liquid.


And why is this Museum in Atlanta? Well, Coca-Cola was invented here in 1886 in a small pharmacy in the city.


Along the way, you learn a lot of curiosities. For example, did you know that in 1985 Coca Cola & Co withdrew the original Coca-Cola from the market and marketed a new formula? Or that only two people know the recipe for this drink?.

All these myths and curiosities are resolved in this visit that will leave you enchanted with the taste of this world-famous drink.


Visit the CNN studios.


The tour, essentially, consists of visiting the headquarters of one of the most essential television news networks in the world:

They teach you how to make a newscast.

They tell you a lot of curiosities.

You can see the “behind-the-scenes,” and maybe, with some luck, you may even catch a live broadcast.


This small but meaty Atlanta travel guide can give you a better insight into what to do in this city and make the most of it.


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