Welcome to Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange. We are here to help you with your currency exchange needs. We take great pride in helping individuals, corporations, charities, and even government agencies realize the value in their foreign coins, foreign banknotes, stamps, and gift card balances.

Chase Goggans

Is the owner and founder of Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange. He is originally from Douglas, Georgia. Originally created in 2012 as way for travelers to exchange their leftover foreign coins and small denomination banknotes, Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange has evolved over the years to one of the industry leaders in foreign coin and banknote buying services. We now also offer a stamp buying service as well as a gift card purchasing service, where we buy any remaining balance on your gift cards no matter how small the value.

Greisy Ahumada Goggans

Is the Executive Vice-President of Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange. Originally from Sabanalarga, Colombia, Greisy brings a wealth of knowledge in the retail and marketing space. Greisy also runs our other business CoinCutters. www.etsy.com/shop/coincutters. CoinCutters uses coins to make handmade jewelry as well as importing eco-friendly Tagua jewelry. Greisy is also one of our Latin American liaisons as she is fluent in Spanish as well as English. If you are a native Spanish speaker, please ask for Greisy when communicating with us.

Cesar Camargo

Is our Regional Vice-President of Latin American Affairs. Based in Barranquilla, Colombia, Cesar has been with Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange since 2016. He runs the Central and South American parts of our business. He has extensive knowledge of coins and banknotes. He is an integral part of our Latin American expansion.

Diego Hernández

He is the Managing Director of our European branch based in Austria and has been with Foreign Currency and Coin Exchange since 2018. A Colombian engineer who found his passion in commercial and project management. Diego is an enterprising person who loves challenges, is very detailed and self-taught. His commitment has been an integral element for our expansion in the “old continent,” seeking to achieve company growth through his knowledge and skills, always giving the best effort to achieve the company aims.