Most of the time confused as a single island, these twin islands located in the southern Caribbean Sea will leave you amazed once you discover the virgin paradise that resides within.

North of the Venezuelan coast, Trinidad and Tobago will make you fall in love with its unique culture and majestic landscapes. The largest and most visited island is Trinidad, with its capital, Port of Spain a culturally diverse and commercial city.

From its unique architecture to its dream beaches, this pair of islands will enchant nature lovers with its biodiversity. Here are our top destinations to visit in Trinidad and Tobago.

1. Pigeon Point

pigeon point heritage park

Pigeon Point Heritage Park is one of the most popular coasts in Tobago island, the smallest of the two islands. White coral sand surrounds the water here, you will find a variety of water sports including stand-up paddle, kayaking and snorkeling.

Unlike English Bay, this beach offers many convenient facilities and is an ideal place for your day trip. Snack bars, shops, changing rooms and thatched mats are all available, and you can also rent sun loungers, however the beach does require an entrance fee.

2. Port of Spain

port of spain trinidad and tobago

Port of Spain is the bustling capital, filled with beautiful architecture and cheerful people. The nation’s commercial center, best known for its colonial buildings that tell their own history and reflect its various influences from other nations through time, examples of colonial and Creole architecture, as well as foreign architecture such as European, American, African and Hindu can be seen throughout.

One of the most outstanding tourist sites in this unique city is the Queen’s Park Savannah, full of mansions with colonial architecture called the Magnificent 7, surrounded by the famous botanic gardens. Nearby you can find the national museum and art gallery.

3. Nylon Pool

nylon pool trinidad and tobago

Situated in the middle of the ocean, this unrivaled attraction is sure to leave first-time visitors stumped for words. Entering Pigeon Point Sea you’ll find Natural Nylon Pool, an area in-sea shallow white ground coral pool, close to Buccoo reef and surrounded by an area full of coral reef.

This privileged location makes the snorkeling at this point like no other, with a number of underwater attractions. Due to the fact that this attraction is off-sea it is only accessible by boat.

4. Main Ridge Forest Reserve

main ridge forest reserve trinidad and tobago

Bursting with biodiversity, the lung of the nation’s Main Ridge forest reserve is the oldest legally protected nature reserve in the western region and the largest nature reserve that can be found on an island.

From its towering hills to its dreamy beaches, this natural park encompasses half of the nation’s bird population and contains a host of nationwide attractions such as pigeon point and countless hiking trails.


5. Englishman’s Bay

englishmans bay trinidad and tobago

Sheltered by dense jungle and towering palm trees, Englishman’s Bay manages an incomparable contrast between beach and jungle, giving a native landscape of this incredible nation.

Turquoise waters and gentle sand is what this dream beach offers, while also maintaining a certain aura of exclusivity since although it is a public beach, it is not frequently visited because of its slightly remote location and accessibility. The fastest way to get here is by boat.

6. Maracas Bay

maracas bay trinidad and tobago

Undoubtedly the best tourist attraction this country has in store for tourists, rated as the best beach in the country, Maracas Bay is located in Trinidad Island. Forty minutes away from Port of Spain, in the northern part of the island, you will find this dreamy beach that will exceed your expectations.

Surrounded by mountainous terrain, a rainforest and escorted by a deep blue bay, you will need to arrive by car. Because this a very frequently visited beach, you can find rental chairs and umbrellas to make your stay more pleasant. If you are looking for a slightly calmer beach just 15 minutes away, in the same bay is Las Cuevas Beach.

7. Caroni Bird Sanctuary

caroni bird sanctuary

Home to 100+ bird species and the Scarlet Ibis, the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caroni Bird sanctuary is the largest mangrove wetland in Trinidad and Tobago.

This attraction gives you the opportunity to tour the mangrove by boat and see the hundreds of different birds that call this wonderful mangrove home.

Surrounded by a dense jungle, exploring this place also gives you the opportunity to meet other species in addition to the birds that live there, such as herons, egrets, cormorants, tree boas, anteaters and caimans.

8. Fort King George & the Tobago Museum

fort king george

Built by settlers, this fortress located on the top of a hill on the island of Tobago will give you some of the best views of this wonderful island. From here you can see the Scarborough Bay uncovered and have a direct view of the towns and the Main Ridge Forest Reserve.

This fortress is one of the best historical attractions in the nation and the best preserved, surrounded by colorful gardens and majestic ancient trees. Inside it is the Tobago museum which narrates the history of the nation through a series of sculptures, artifacts and paintings.

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