From its crystal-coast water beaches to the sun kissed desert, Aruba is no doubt a Caribbean paradise that will enchant you with its dazzling landscapes. Located on the Caribbean Sea, Aruba is in a hurricane free zone area, making it easier for tourists to visit any time of the year.


Scattered around the island you can find a wide variety of attractions to visit, beginning with a great number of beaches from Palm Beach to the Natural Pool, sun seekers can enjoy the island’s outdoor attractions and water sports and continuing with Oranjestad, that is fully packed with family friendly activities all the way from its ancient dutch-like buildings to the Aruba aloe vera museum. Here are our top rated attractions to visit in Aruba.

1. Palm Beach


palm beach aruba

We are starting our list with a tourist favorite. Located on the western side of the island, Palm Beach offers tourists a variety of activities to do like practice water sports, sailing and snorkeling, as well as a tour of the butterfly farm.

Palm beach is rated as one of the best beaches in Aruba, not only can you find clear water and calm currents but also a fun and happy atmosphere.


2. Oranjestad

Oranjestad aruba

Oranjestad is the crowned jewel of Aruba’s destinations, being the capital and home of the cruise port of this tiny island. Delighting first time visitors with its colorful ancient buildings, this magical city offers fashion enthusiasts a great variety of high-end stores to choose from in its Renaissance Shopping Mall exhibiting brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Cartier.

Situated on the waterfront, Oranjestad main attraction is the charming Wilhelmina Park, with its blooming flowers and plants scattered all over the park. You can also take a walk through the tiny but pleasing Aruba Historical Museum, with its wall full of Aruba’s history exhibiting several historical pieces.

Last but not least, the Aruba Aloe Vera Factory where you can learn about its medical use, production and plantations, and also buy some souvenirs.


3. Eagle Beach

eagle beach aruba

Rated as one of the best beaches in Aruba for its turquoise waters, Eagle Beach is undoubtedly one of the best attractions to visit during your stay in Aruba. This public dream beach offers tourists a sense of privacy due to its low number of visitors.

Located further north of Palm Beach, the currents of this beach are slightly stronger, however this is due to the coral reef that is located in it, giving tourists the opportunity to snorkel and visit one of the most lovely coral reefs that the island has to offer. This beach is rated as one of the best beaches in the world.



4. Natural Pool

natural pool aruba

Naturally guarded by a wall of sharp stones, molded by hundreds of years, this charming natural pool located in the middle of rocky terrain and dangerous waters is undoubtedly a must-see attraction for tourists. Located in the northern part of the island, the natural pool is not a large space, however snorkeling is possible here.


Due to its calm waters and the waves crashing over the slick rocks creating a gentle spray and a magical atmosphere making you never want to leave. The road to this site is very rocky and not well marked, making the only way to get to the place a 4×4 vehicle.


5. Arikok National Park


Arikok National park aruba

This enchanting national park is perfect for nature enthusiasts, offering a wide variety of landscapes and a unique contrast that only Aruba encompasses, from a hellish desert to crystal clear beaches and incredible rock formations.


Covering 20 percent of the island, this natural park is the place with the most attractions on the island, having within it the Anicouri Natural Bridge, the Bushiribana gold mill ruins and the Casibari Boulders Rock formations, among others.


As this natural park is so extensive and has a rocky terrain for the most part, the only way to visit it is through the rental of a UTV vehicle or a 4×4 vehicle, making the experience much more adventurous. When you decide to visit, don’t forget to include Boca Prins, a secluded beach with white sand dunes and turquoise blue waters.



6. Noord


Noord Aruba

As its name implies, Noord is a rocky terrain located in the northern part of the island. Offering various attractions around this area, such as a visit to the California Lighthouse surrounded by great sand dunes making the landscape a great place to enjoy the sunset.


Slightly to the south of this territory, located on a hill, is the Cielo Vista Chapel, a small but charming chapel that perfectly portrays the history of Aruba that was once colonized by the Spanish. At the western point we can find the charming Arisha beach with its soft sand that contrasts with the rocky terrain around it.



7. Diving


diving in aruba

Aruba is recognized as one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkeling because its rich marine life, the diving experience on Aruba is extraordinary. From sunken vessels to the magical coral reefs that surround the vast majority of the island, Aruba has a number of underwater attractions to visit while diving.


Start with the SS. Antilla, a Nazi ship that sank during the Second World War. This wonderful attraction is located between the Arashi beach and the Malmok beach. Some of the most prominent coral reefs to visit on the island are the Skalahein Reef, Plonco Reef and Mas Bango Reef that encompass an extraordinary amount of marine life native to Aruba.


For those who prefer to stay dry but still want to explore the underwater empire that Aruba has, the Atlantis Submarine is also available that does a tour around all the aforementioned attractions.


8. Flamingo Beach


flamingo beach aruba

Located on Renaissance Island on the private property of the Renaissance hotel chain, this unique beach also offers a number of places for visitors who are not staying at the hotel. In addition to having calmer waters and soft sand, Flamingo beach delivers a unique experience as it is inhabited by native flamingos of the island who roam freely on the beach. These adorable and friendly animals will make your stay in this attraction more pleasant leaving first time visitors amazed.


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